Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One of those Days...

I knew today was going to be "one of those days" when I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm went off with a headache, burnt tongue (thanks coffee...), and one of those "sinus coughs" ...Oh boy, here we go...
Miraculously, I was able to get to my first class (fully clothes, teeth brushed, face washed, hair...well, in a hat...) on time, without the aid of Coffee (aka - Life giving water). From there, it was work, a dash to the caf, where I inhaled lunch, then off to my 12:30 class after which I have more work, then a break during which I can run back to my room and change for orchestra (fyi: straight skirt + cello = the impossibility to play...lol) at 3:30.

However, during all of this, I discovered the cure alls for "one of those days"
1. Feel good about yourself. Wear your favorite shoes, shirt, whatever. (For me, it's wearing one of my pairs of Converse :) )
2. Put your favorite song or album on repeat on your ipod and listen to it between classes.
3. Smile. :) A lot. :D Even if you don't feel like it. :) The smiles you get in return will be enough to turn that fake smile into a real one. :D
4. Talk with friends about a favorite subject. Movie, book, music, a class. Whatever. Actually talking to people you like about something you like will get your mind off of how horrible your day is going, and it will cheer you up a bit.
5. Food. Of course :) Comfort food is a must. Eat something you love. Forget about watching what you eat for a day. Now that doesn't mean go pig out and eat the caf clean, but it does mean to indulge yourself a bit.
6. Talk to family. This ALWAYS helps me. Even if you're not homesick, talking to your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, whoever, will make you feel better. (Remember, they love you even when you came downstairs to breakfast looking like that Muppets character, Animal)

So enough of my Oprah and Dr. Phil-ness today.
Coe's campus is absolutely gorgeous this time of year. All of the trees are glowing oranges, reds, browns, and yellows, turning the campus into a sea of fiery colour. (Yes, I spell "colour" with a U. It's the British form of spelling, and I've always spelled that way. I have no idea, but it might have something to do with my avid reading habit.)
The weather has lost it's pseudo-winter frostiness and has melted back into Autumn's gorgeous 60 degree days, 40 degree nights. This means I'll probably start going on Drives again. Drives are a thing that I started doing with my roommate from last year. Every once in a while, when we were both really needing a break from homework or the dorm, we'd just get into her truck or my car, pick a direction and drive with the radio up, windows down, singing at the top of our lungs. I love it :) Now we wouldn't go too far, Drives only last around an hour. We still have homework, remember? haha.

Well, It's about time for me to go to work, so I'll leave with the lyrics to my favorite song (the one that is on a continuous cycle on my ipod), The Town Where You Live by Sherwood.

I must say,
It's a nice day,
When the leaves start to turn, there is so much to learn from the freeway,
You're my friend,
For the weekend,
When the spring comes around, you can show me the town that you live in,

And tonight I walk through an empty street,
With my shadow stretching in front of me,
When my lonely thoughts meet my lonely feet,
And the cold reminds me that I've chosen this life,

I must say,
It's a nice day,
With the flowers in bloom, there is so much to view from the freeway,
And we're friends,
For the weekend,
And when the fall comes around, you can show me the town that you live in,

And tonight I walk through an empty street,
With my shadow stretching in front of me,
When my lonely thoughts meet my lonely feet,
And the cold reminds me that I've chosen this life,

So hang up the phone cause you're probably better alone,
So hang up the phone cause you're probably better alone,
So hang up the phone cause you're probably better alone,

And tonight I walk through an empty street,
With my shadow stretching in front of me,
When my lonely thoughts meet my lonely feet,
And the cold reminds me that I've,

And tonight I walk through an empty street,
With my shadow stretching in front of me,
When my lonely thoughts meet my lonely feet,
And the cold reminds me that I've chosen this life,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spring, Summer...Winter?

Yes, that's correct. Planet Earth has boycotted Autumn. Now, you're forecast goes directly from the sunny, breezy days of summer to the biting, windy days of winter. Break out your hats, coats and scarves folks! Winter is here!
We are supposed to get snow tomorrow. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I wonder if other countries have this problem, or if it's only the US of A that has a messed up weather pattern...
So, Fall Break has come and gone, marking the middle of the semester! Only 7 more weeks to go! Midterms have been conquered (or have been victorious...depending on the amount of studying one has done), Halloween is THAT much nearer, which means...Thanksgiving is closer!!!! AND Christmas! All right, I'm getting ahead of myself.
I drove back to Kansas City for my break, and to the sounds of dogs barking, sisters squealing, guinea pigs squeaking, and many feet pounding on the floor, I was welcomed back home :) (there was also one black cat staring holes in the back of my head...) It was nice to get home for a while. Volleyball games, movies with my sisters, church on Sunday, and a visit to the Converse Factory Outlet occupied my relaxing holiday. The drive back...not so fun. Around Brooklyn, Iowa, my ipod died, so I was left to channel flipping, trying to find a decent radio station. Fortunately, I found one, so I wasn't completely forlorn during the last hour of my drive. Have you ever gone for an hour on complete silence after four hours of non-stop music? It's depressing!!
However, the prospect of a mere 3 days until the NEXT weekend was heartening, and LOOK! We're almost done with the week already :)

The KC Star Printing Building

My sisters and I :)


Our house

JoAnne, my kitteh :)

Sissy, one of our dogs

Jackie Marie, our other dog

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Swimming in Autumn?!

To all quad crossers: BEWARE!!!
During your daily walks across the main quad, watch where you step! The rain has created so many puddles, you could find yourself swimming to class! (Which would NOT be very comfortable, seeing as how the weather is about 59 degrees plus windchill...cold + wet = yuck)

However, on a happier note, GO KOHAWKS!!! Homecoming weekend was a blast! The theme this year was "Rock 'n Shine in 2009" and the celebrations started off on Thursday with the annual Homecoming Follies, a time where the Court is introduced, in combination with an Open Mic Night of sorts. Drumline played, like we do every year, along with several other acts, some of which, drumline members did as well!


Joe, who's a snare in drumline, singing  & playing one of the songs he wrote.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a picture of G, Duroje, and Seth singing/beatboxing their arrangement of "Lean on Me" :(

Then there was the Parade on Saturday morning, which was cold, but since we were all walking with who knows how many pounds of drums strapped to our bodies, we worked up quite a sweat! And of course, in typical Drumline fashion, craziness ensued:

Fr. Megan Patch and Drumline Kaptain G. Oakley Lyon

Drumline 2009!!

Heath Long, Kaptain 2008-2009
His way of being "Rockin' and Shinin" was to be Kiss...nice

Walahroo Drumline 2009!

The homecoming game Saturday was a blast, despite the biting cold brought in on wind's wings. The 37-7 win over Luther was awesome!! Drumline and the Cheerleaders kept everyone's Kohawk spirit up with several new cheers and songs.

Drumline Kaptain (yes, spelled with a "K") G. Oakley Lyon

Drumline was cold...HUDDLE!!

...or you could be completely fashionable like me, and wear your drumline shirt OVER your hoodie...haha
No, I do not play the quads. This year, I'm the "swinger" in drumline, which means I go from instrument to instrument depending on what we need. My main instrument is the snare, which is what I played last year. The quads is the only instrument that I don't know yet. All right...I can play one song, "Paco." haha

Later Saturday was, of course, the Homecoming dance! Yeah!!! It was amazing! The committee this year did a great job! The DJ was great! No technical glitches, all amazing songs, great decorations...all in all, the best homecoming yet!

Me and two of my roommates, Michala, and Brittany before we went to eat
(We ate at Eggroll House...classy, right? haha)

arriving at the dance

The lovely ladies Molly, Debra, and Kathrine :)

Me and Angelea, the wonderful President of the Homecoming Committee!
This girl did more than anybody can ever imagine! :)

The typical throng of dancing college co-eds

Brittany and Michala dancing with our fourth roommate, JoAnn (to the left of Brittany)

Roomies!! :)
I love these girls :)
JoAnn, Brittany, me, & Michala

Dancing comes in MANY different ways...hahaha

Michelle, our RA from last year, with Brittany :)

Winding down with friends after the dance can be one of the best parts of Homecoming:

Chillin' with Meg

Matt and Meg

So I wore Jellies (yes, Jellies, those things of the '90s) to the dance, and I found out they glowed under a blacklight! haha

this is what my shoes looked like under normal light.
(I took the Jellies and embellished them w/ silver ribbon to match my dress and turned them into ballet slippers)

What would a post about Homecoming be without a picture of Charlie shakin' his tailfeathers at a Kohawk game?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rain + Amanda Bynes...

While sitting in my room with one of my roomies, Brittany, and our next door neighbor, Naz, a deep, profound realization hit me: Iowa weather sucks!!!! ...but is perfect movie weather!!!! The equation is simple:
1. Have one rainy, windy, cold, yucky day.
2. Add a good chick flick, or movie of your choice
3. Throw on a pair of comfy pjs and fuzzy socks
4. Mix in roomies & friends
Viola!!! A great way to avoid outside yuckiness
WARNING: skipping class to do this equation will result in the lowering of GPAs and the angering of professors...

So, with this short post, and hopefully cure to rainy day blues, I'm off to lunch!!