Sunday, January 31, 2010

1 Way Tickets

me w/ my luggage at BWI

In a way, 1 way tickets say a lot about a person. You can come to one of three conclusions about a person who has a 1 way ticket.
1. He/She isn't very organized and doesn't know when their trip should end.
2. He/She is passionate about the trip and doesn't want to create a deadline for their holiday.
3. They're moving.

Well my 1 way ticket is a combination of all three. I'm passionate about my move to Washington DC, and don't want to slam a deadline on my move there, and I'm not quite sure when my internship ends.
So, here I am, sitting on the couch of my new home for the next 4 months, with no return ticket. I don't mind at all! My roomies are awesome, the house is nice, and our apartment is EXTRA sunny with a view of Stanton Park, and I have an awesome internship starting soon!
My cooking skills are going to improve immensely over this semester. Already, I'm trying out new recipes, making my own up, and getting comfortable with grocery shopping on my own :) I have a pot of hot chocolate on the stove right now!

The flight coming up to DC was great: not too long, not too short, quiet, fairly smooth, and I was able to read the entire time! (huzzah to Alice in Wonderland) We got into Baltimore around 3:30, and got to our hotel around 5, just in time to freshen up and go eat! There was this AWESOME restaurant down the street from our hotel called Georgia Brown's, which specialized in Southern Cuisine. Oh wow I'd never stuffed myself like that in my life! Fried Green Tomatoes, Carolina Gumbo, Virginia Peanut Chicken, MmmmMM!!! :)
I think that Union Station is going to be one of my favorite places EVER! :) The building is BEAUTIFUL, with lots of stores and restaurants inside. There's an AMTRAK station so that I can visit my family and friends near by, and it's only a 5 minute walk from my house! w00t!

a view of the Capitol

pics of my apartment

the view of Stanton Park

my mode of transportation for the next few months
So that's what's up in a nutshell! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back to the Grind!

Speaking of grind...I need to remind myself to get more coffee beans. haha :)

Well, Winter Break has been officially over for Coe, BUT not for me! HA! In two weeks, I am going to be flying out to Washington, DC for the semester to participate in the DC Term. The DC Term is a study abroad program that Coe participates in. However, instead of taking multiple classes, you have an internship at the place of your choice (providing you're accepted). In the past, there have been students interning at State Representative offices, Embassies, etc.
My internship is at the National Archives facility in College Park, MD, where I'll get to archive documents & research materials for the research room. Wait, there are TWO National Archive buildings, you ask? Well, yes! The facility in downtown DC is their most well known one, however the facility further north, in College Park is where most of the offices and stacks (storage areas for books/documents/ etc) are. :D

So, AWAY with homework and classes, dorm rooms and cars! Washington DC is where MY brain and I are!! :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

No Ruby Slippers

There is NO place like home!

No, I'm not Dorothy and no, I'm not in Kansas, but I HAVE been home (as evidenced by my previous post...before Christmas...oops)

Break has been great! I haven't had a whole lot to do aside from playing taxi to my little sisters. My roomie, Joan came to spend Christmas with my family :) That was a WHOLE lot of fun, and for a first time Uno player, she was RUTHLESS! haha :D

My family always plays Uno Christmas Eve. This year we spent the night at my grandma's.
Joan was TOTALLY winning almost everytime. haha!

Me, Phoebe, Lydia, & Joan at my grandma's on Christmas morning.
(notice we have boots instead of stockings...we forgot our stockings at our house. haha)

Me & Joan :)

My grandma has this ridiculous number of birds around her house.

Oh yeah...don't forget the squirrels. They LOVE the "Squirrel Proof" birdfeeder... HAHAHA 
The bird's perch is set with a counterweight that shuts the feeder if something too heavy sits on it...So the squirrels figured out how to eat the seed without the perch. haha greedy squirrels :)

fat bird :)
I love this picture :)

more fat birds :) haha