Sunday, August 29, 2010

Return of the Good-Guy

Good guy- Ed U. Cation
Place- Cedar Rapids, IA
Contact- Emily Crouch, Coe Junior.

It's nice to be back in Cedar Rapids! After 7 months in Washington, DC, I must admit that I was initially downcast to be returning to the midwest, but Coe has its charms :)
This year, I'm living off campus, which will be a big change. No more late night dashes over to the library to print off a last minute paper, no more crashing in Greene after a movie marathon, and no more running to the PUB for a late night snack. Instead, I'm all about conserving gas, energy, and keeping the electric bill down. Still, I must say that having a fireplace and my own kitchen has some perks :)

Tomorrow is the first day of classes, which ushers in a semester of scrambling from one class to the next, bouncing back and forth between ensemble practice in Marquis to history classes in Hickock. (What was I on when I signed up for Orchestra, Band, Crimson & Gold, AND Concert Choir? ...I don't know, but I don't think that I was sane at the time...) In addition, in all of my free time (note: this is sarcasm) I'm working almost full time at The Blue Strawberry downtown, which is amazing :) You know you're over-scheduled when you see work as a time to relax, but I don't mind. Coffee shops are the best type of therapy, IMHO.

Therefore, let the school year begin, and let our returning hero, good-guy, Ed U. Cation, triumph once more!!!

Off to work,
Your Caffeinated Corpse,

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