Monday, March 1, 2010

And now for something completely different...

Usually, I'm absolutely PSYCHED about the weekend, but this week, I get to fill out a truckload of paperwork in order to start the "paid" part of my internship...oh boy... haha.

On the bright side, THERE'S NO SNOW!!! Other than the snow that is still sitting around from the Snowpocalypse, we aren't getting any more! We still have wind, and cold (as shown by my previous post...) but there isn't any new snow!
...maybe it's a sign that Spring is just around the corner?

all right, Spring may be a few blocks up and just around the corner, but none the less...

This past week was REALLY busy, but my first full week at work went great! (Last week we had off for President's Day.) I'm able to take a shuttle from Archives 1 (downtown DC) to my job at Archives 2 (College Park, MD) every morning and evening, so it's FREE as opposed to spending $7 a day on the metro. (and as much as I love the metro system, they're raising their prices again...yuck)
This weekend marks the 4th week I've been in DC! The past month has gone by so fast! I can hardly believe I've been living in DC for that long! (on a sadder note, it also means that I'm a month closer to ending the term. :( sad face) 

...BUT, my boss at NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) wants me to see if I can stay over the summer, extending my time in DC by three months! Now to find an apartment...this will be difficult in a city where $1500/month is cheap. eek! (hello apartment listing magazines, you're my best friends)

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