Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Love Life a Latte

:) Yes, in case you didn't know that about me, I'm one for puns. Not the "oops, that was an accident" pun, but the "ohmygod, i can't believe you said that on purpose" puns. (I'm so pun-y)

Captain's Row. Once the major port on the Potomac. Scottish merchant city. battle ground of that slightly pushy Brit, Lt. Col. W. Braddock's "The Grandest Congress" of the French/Indian War in 1755. Home of numerous ghosties, goulies, and vampires.

wait, WHAT?!??!

Vampires in Alexandria??

Yes, Vampires in Alexandria. And no, you do NOT want to date them. They do NOT sparkle, smell good, look "god-like," or eat animals rather than dear Aunt Eunice.  ...but I digress

Friday and Saturday were spent walking the streets of Old Town Alexandria. My friend Amanda and I took the metro to the city, then a bus down to the waterfront. It was beautiful!.
We walked all around the area, from Union Street, where we ate at the awesome Union Street Public House, to the metro station, which eventually took us home. The area is absolutely thriving with life, families, businesses, and amazing smells! There is a restaurant practically every other storefront, each one with a different cuisine or theme. From Casablanca Moroccan Cuisine to the entirely Lord of the Rings themed Bilbo Baggins Restaurant, the downstairs of which was transformed into the Green Dragon Pub, the number of restaurants and eateries is staggering! ...just the way I like it :)
me + food = match made in Heaven

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